Read the rules!

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Read the rules!

Post by Admin [Gurey] on Mon May 09, 2016 1:58 pm

If you break the rules you'll get banned from the forum!

1.Don't be racist with others!
2.If you want for example to Show your creation don't post in other topics like suggestion etc... its the topic for that!
3.Don't offend each others,respect each others,we're here just to have a good time!
4.Think before posting!
5.Porn/Pornography its not allowed!
6.Don't ask to become a part of staff we will contact you if we feel that you would make a good addition!
7.Don't compliment about other forums!
8.Don't use this forum like an dating site!

NOTE: If you need help with something or you have problems using the forum or with someone use the HELP TOPIC

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